How do I pair my Bluetooth Headset to my phone or PC?

Before you can start to use your new Bluetooth Headset you will need to pair the headset with your phone.

Pairing is the name of the process that allows your phone to find and connect with your Bluetooth headset. In order to pair your devices, you will need to put your headset into pairing mode and enter a passkey into your mobile phone. The process for pairing Bluetooth headsets is slightly different for each headset and phone.
The following manufacturers have information on their websites that will help you to pair your phone and headset. As these manufacturers make both Bluetooth headsets and Mobile phones, the pairing instructions will only relate to their own brand, the pairing process may be slightly different if you are, for example, using a Nokia Bluetooth Headset with a Samsung phone.
If your headset manufacturer is not listed above, then please consult your user guide on how to complete the pairing process. If your headset didn't come with a user manual, or yours has been lost or damaged, you can download a digital copy from the internet.