Degitech Refunds and Return Policy


Degitech Refunds and Return Policy

All the items that we sell are from the largest suppliers and therefore most have at least 1 year warranty. We will only process refunds if the memory card is damaged upon receipt or if there is a technical problem with the card. If you have purchased the incorrect product we can either process a refund or exchange the item for the correct type. We can only exchange/refund a product if the packaging is unopened. Please refer to either our online configurator or manufacturers handbook for the correct memory compatibility for you device. If you do need to return a product please send to the address located in our contact us page. All refunds will be refunded directly onto the card with which the purchase was made. We will only accept returns within the first 7 days after purchase. 

It is advised that you register your product with the manufacturer when you recieve it to benefit from the manufacturers warranty.

Items can be refunded subject to our terms and conditions online within 7 days.

For all other non memory items the same policy applies.

In any correspondance to Degitech with regards to returns your unique order reference number should be quoted.

The address to send all returned items to is:


Degitech Ltd

20 Dovedale Avenue



Please do not forget to enclose your order number with any returned item.