Monster Dre Beats Solo HD headphones with control talk – Review

Monster Dre Beats Solo HD headphones with control talk – Review

Main features: detachable cable; Cables doubles, one with ControlTalk housing; Finished in glossy black; Jack at right angles; Leather pads
Manufacturer: Monster

Monster Dre Beats Solo HD – Review
The Beats by Dr. Dre range of headphones has only existed since 2008, but in the few years of its existence, it has become the most popular of range “in” cans in the Western world. It has certainly brought awareness headphones in normal range more than any other gadgets that reminds buyers. But you are the Monster Beats Solo HD, the higher-end version of the range.

Much of the reason for the success of the range of shots, which is not as big, bad reputation singer name, is the design. They are simple enough to actually appear tasteful, but clear enough to become an icon. Sharp enough to push their way into youth culture without causing an instant and desperate sigh anyone over 22 course, a step back during fever commuter and you realize that they are really only the main street oriented alternative youth to the range fully grown Bose.

Hardware-wise, the Monster Beats Solo HD are quite traditional, but not put a foot wrong. Made mainly glossy black and red soft-touch plastic, they could easily appear cheap but the finish is actually very good. There is also a heavy metal band that runs through the center of the headband, which gives a good balance of strength and flexibility. Overall priorities lie in weight and build successfully.

Cushioning pads in the ears are covered with real leather and are soft and comfortable. They are among the most comfortable in-ear headphones we’ve tested. In-ear headphones can cause discomfort to people with sensitive ears, and resting directly on them, but less than usual here. A earphones rotate degrees both horizontally and vertically, which fit Lumps his head automatically, and elimination of the problems most suitable in some cases associated with this type of headphones.

Only an odd choice for the solo HD – stirrup pad is finished with a squidgy rubbery substance that anyone playing with a Stretch Armstrong in the 90s will remember. We would have expected quilted leather, but this almost sticky material stops the headband stay thin while sticking head reliably and provide good comfort – although we can not vouch for how it feels against a skinhead .
Noise isolation is pretty good too, tablets inch thick, creating a reasonable seal between the ear and the outside world. This makes it the most suitable Solo HD Beats that many over-ear headphones for use on public transport – a good thing given how often we see them worn on trains and buses – although in-ear headphones or noise canceling sets provide another level of noise reduction.

Another great victory for the flexibility of this headset is its detachable cable. A standard 3.5 mm stereo plugs into the bottom of the left ear cup, so it is very easy to upgrade to a longer cable – you can snag an update 5m auction site favorite all for a couple of pounds. The harnesses do not offer some neat custom settings, though. Cats carry the Monster Beats and brand, and the cable ends in the trademark red Beats. Two cables are included in the box – both just over 1 m in length – one that has a hands-free ControlTalk remote housing and the other without.

In the same way that the iPhone design has become too common to be evaluated without looking through the prism of its success, the Monster Beats range is too popular to completely detach their associations. Headphones are good looking, but we find their links to a sassy little shabby “urban style”.

Aside from the pair of headphones and cables, the box also includes a carrying bag neoprene clean and a cleaning cloth (red, of course). The case is not there to provide absolute protection, but as the headphones fold through a strong metal hinge on the headband, which makes more sense as an accessory than usual.

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